Can you

Your eyes, your smile
The light that always surrounds you
:don’t breath:
protects me when I’m with you
I sink further into your essence
:through me:
Inescapable, the pain I love
:to my:
Afraid of rejection, more afraid of never knowing
Could you ever love me
With all my imperfections?


Falling in to a dream…

I know it has been a while since I wrote, since I let my fingers dance on my keys. But in a way nothing and everything happened. The boy I spoke of before made me a tape. I listened to it. I did the girl thing and put it off for a while. It was very good and it made me think that i like him. I am guessing he likes me as well. But i want him to show me. My father told me boys will say and do anything to get what they want. I just hope he isnt like that. He makes me feel like i am falling in to a dream. A bright white dream …. More later