Can you

Your eyes, your smile
The light that always surrounds you
:don’t breath:
protects me when I’m with you
I sink further into your essence
:through me:
Inescapable, the pain I love
:to my:
Afraid of rejection, more afraid of never knowing
Could you ever love me
With all my imperfections?


Falling in to a dream…

I know it has been a while since I wrote, since I let my fingers dance on my keys. But in a way nothing and everything happened. The boy I spoke of before made me a tape. I listened to it. I did the girl thing and put it off for a while. It was very good and it made me think that i like him. I am guessing he likes me as well. But i want him to show me. My father told me boys will say and do anything to get what they want. I just hope he isnt like that. He makes me feel like i am falling in to a dream. A bright white dream …. More later

Breath In…

Depending upon who you are and were you are you may or may not relate to this blog. Its a dream with in a dream one would say. But its more then that. Its about how our life is a stage and the people in it are merely actors. How they dance to a certain tune and how they fill the roles we need in life. Sometimes I think that the world is merely one big play and when our roles are done we are laid to rest. I have had many things in my head. And we are dancing to a music no one can hears.  I love the simple things in the life. But the world is never simple is it?  Everyone feels like the world is some way and then another way. But in my eyes its about dreams and hopes. Simple things.

When I was younger I had an accident. I was in a car wreck ,my friend was driving to fast and we spun out on black ice. When i woke up i didnt remember my life. My dad showed me threw pictures and movies. Its sad but i dont know who i am really. Just a girl. But in all of that i am happy. I feel lost at times because pictures flicker like memories i am supposed to know. But i dont remember them.I just  remember to breath. And the world is simple again.

Dad is putting me back on my medication because my head is fuzzier lately. I forget the easy things lately. I am happy with my life but all in all i am glad with the choices i make.


I met a boy. He seems so familer. Like i know him before. But i dont. But i feel at ease with him sort of safe. And some other things i dont know what i am feeling. But that is all for now..